About Us

SaigonScientists is a privately owned organization based in Saigon, Vietnam where most members are young dynamic local scientists and engineers. SaigonScientists committed to provide excellent research in Life Science and Material Science while to deliver the most creative promotion programs of STEM to local community.


Dr. Erika 



Doctor of Biochemistry 

Dr. Erika—former Miss Mass., MIT alumna and doctor of biochemistry from Boston University—helps students overcome science challenges in “The Dr. Erika Show.” She now running a start-up company dealing with smart application of bio-chemistry tech in pharmaceuticals. Her favourite is generating creative research and science related programs. 

Team members

Mr. Hai Phan

Civil engineer 

Worked several years domestically and internationally for global companies in mining, steel, metal and advanced materials. He left his "luxurious" life as South East Asia Director to set up SaigonScientists. He has endless love in bringing science to life. His favourite is playing with his daughter for creative games and in natural surrounding environment. 

Ms. Helen (Huyền)

Materials science 

Leaving from PhD program of Material Science in Korea, Helen back to Saigon where she born and start her dream in science with SaigonScientists. Helen is expert in polymer field but her ambition is to support the science and business community effectively. Her creative ideas often coming from badminton and golf driving range where she playing with her friends weekly. 

Ms. Christy (Nghi)

 Food & Biotechnology 

Christy left USA from Master program at University of California. She follow her father to step up in food&foodstuff science research but also developing her skills in marketing and commercials. This Saigonese girl can drink no limit but also can tell you exactly what the food/drink history or made of. She also spending time in laboratory at a local university as researcher and lecturer.


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