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Transfer technology Galvalibs - Tecnar (Canada)

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Saigonscientists and our new partner who is a spin off company, developed from Scientific Technology research Canada council - Tecnar  


  Saigonscientists and our new partner who is a spin off company, developed from Scientific Technology research Canada council - Tecnar. This company is focusing on research 4 technologies line: Real time molten metal chemistry for the Galvanizing Industry, Non contact Ultrasonics from the laboratory to the plant floor,  Fully automated welding workcell developed specifically for industrial pipe pre-Fbrication,  Online characterization of Particles during thermal/ cold praying real time

Following the technology of eco pickling sytem from India (EPS), member of Saigonscienitsts was attending to introduce this technology to the leading of steel companies in Vietnam, they are doing Galvanize and Galvaneal. Advantage of this technology is to provide information of chemical composition at the real time, online checking, for any kind or materials and at different from stage from solid to gas during galvanizing process. Quantitative results could be get from spectral analysis of theemitted light from the laser. Galvalibs technology is followed by a probe which is dipped in chemical gavanizing chamber directly and show its results online. With this technology, processing of gavanizing will be optimized from raw materials to processing time. In order to control all problems could be happened during gavaizing immediately and exactly

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